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MARC development team prides itself on creating the most user-friendly, fast, and engaging online solutions for its customers. We develop everything from microsites, portals, social platforms, e-commerce, & mobile apps.

Custom Web Development: We employ PHP and MySQL programmers, getting your web app up, built and installed on your website is our specialty. From “conception to launch” - it’s all our responsibility.

The influence of custom web development applications as well as browser based technology knows how to allow organizations to work more competently and collaboratively whilst generating and building more for business.

Example of web applications: Recruitment System (CV collection, Job posting, all recruitment procedure), CMS ( Content Management System – we have separate section for this here), E-commerce, accounting, management applications, etc.

Advantages of Web Based Applications

The web applications are executed on the Internet and have a number of advantages to them. The web based applications have come a long way from the desk top applications. The advantages of the web applications have made a number of users move from the desktop applications to the web applications. The differences can be compared with application server vs web server

Web applications run through a web browser like Internet Explorer. The program sits on a web server, rather than on the PC, or local server for traditional applications. On a basic website pages are static. Web application pages interact with users requesting and responding to users. The most common example is online shopping application. Web applications typically use a database to store permanent information such as product descriptions and costs, and customer orders. Web Applications deliver many business benefits compared to office based solutions.

Advantages of Web Applications

  • Zero install – the applications runs on web browser, and all the pcs, laptops, and even tab or cell phone with a browser can run the application
  • Reduce business costs - less time spent talking to customers over the phone; eliminate printed materials; allow users to update their own details.
  • Centralized data is secure and easy to backup.
  • Quick and easy updates.
  • Reach anybody, anywhere in the world.
  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Low spec PCs or smart phones can be used.
  • Online training can be completed at user's own time and pace.
  • Direct access to latest information - for Employees where every they are located.
  • Always up-to-date.

Company Web Design’s web development capabilities include: PHP, .NET, ASP, Java, JavaScript, jQuery, Magento, Joomla , WordPress and many more.

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