making the web work for you

Marketing has been changing dramatically in recent years. With most consumers no longer trusting large scale top-down marketing strategies, typical broadcast and print marketing is becoming less effective. Research has shown that consumers are now seeking recommendations and advice from friends, family and social networking acquaintances.

This new reliance on consumer to consumer referrals has brought marketing down to the consumer level. One of the best ways to market products is by joining the social conversation and communicating with consumers through social media. Resources such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube offer highly cost effective ways to bring your clients into the conversation and promote consumer to consumer discussions about your products.

We have extensive experience with social media and can help get your business, events, special cause or blog into the social media realm. We can help you with the following;

  • Creating Facebook profiles
  • Creating Facebook Fan pages or groups
  • Recruiting more followers on Facebook through targeted advertising
  • Creating a Twitter account
  • Linking Twitter and Facebook to your website
  • Creating YouTube Channel to host videos relating to your products and services
  • Creating and Configuring LinkedIn Business Profiles
  • creating blog


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