making the web work for you

The definition of multimedia is ‘the utilization of multiple formats, or media, to create an artistic work’ – it is not ‘web design with some Flash animation’.At MARC, we can handle the basics, but we’re capable of so much more, from full video and sound editing, CD/DVD design and authoring and 2D or 3D animation.

Training seminars, consumer and trade exhibition displays, museum exhibits – what do these things have in common? Primarily, they exist to share information, and they do so using the most effective means of education there is… keeping your audience interested. We were all brought up engaging in activities with our friends and schoolmates, but interactivity is when you become part of the activity. For example, when you have to answer questions posed on a computer screen, or navigate a maze on a DVD… even coloring in a picture requires interactive know-how.

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