making the web work for you

MARC provides all kinds of website hosting, help and assistance to all kind of businesses around the world. We offer web hosting and management services specifically designed and priced to help businesses utilize the Internet PROFITABLY.

We have different types of hosting packages to meet the requirement of all types of business, from easy-to-use simple package for small business to demand heavy users of the multinational companies. We offer 24/7 supports so that you don’t miss you emails or visitor to your website.

We have been providing fast and reliable Web hosting for years and have years of experience in building a secure hosting infrastructure. We also have a team of highly experienced support staff to help you with any possible issues.

 We offer the following types of hosting solutions;

  1. Web hosting
  2. Email Hosting
  3. Application hosting
  4. File hosting
  5. Cloud Hosting
  6. Dedicated hosting


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